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Chartering an aircraft makes traveling more desirable. It takes you away from the busy airports and crowded terminals. It allows you to bypass the annoyances of parking, long security lines, layovers, unscheduled delays and lost luggage. Chartering gets you to that corporate meeting, down to business and back home again. Time is money and Western Air Express understands the needs of the Corporate Traveler. With Western Air Express's passenger air charter services you can enjoy the comfort of arriving at your destination relaxed and prepared to do business. Your schedule becomes our schedule, so take control of your travel needs.

Chartering is an excellent form of travel for the Traveling Family
and allows you to get intimate with your destination by landing
at small airstrips inaccessible to routine commercial flights.
You truly can get away and avoid the crowds of the all too
familiar tourist districts. Where do you want to go?

Western Air Express prides our self in customer service!
Rest assured by traveling with Western Air Express your safety is highest
on our list and should be the last thing you worry about on your trip. As a Charter company our pilots are certified by the Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA) and subject to continuous oversight under strict safety regulations and is the same standards used by the FAA to oversee airline safety.

Featured aircraft is a Merlin IIIB that comfortably seats 8 with a speed of 350 mph. Capable of a flight range of 2400 statute miles.



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