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Chartering allows you the customer to customize and take control of your transportation needs. Whether its travel or moving cargo, your needs become our needs at Western Air Express. Contact us about our charter options to see where we can be of help to you.

Benefits of Private Passenger Charter -

  • Bypass hastle of airport parking
  • Avoid long security check lines
  • No lost luggage
  • No hastle of unscheduled delays
  • In flight privacy
  • Accessibility to more airfields
  • Shortened travel time for Executives & their teams
  • Sporting Events Team Travel and Spectator Travel

Benefits of Freight Chartering -

  • Eliminate cross-docking to lessen your shipment's exposure to loss or damage
  • Obtain guaranteed on-time delivery of your shipment
  • High Security while using a single carrier
  • Speed & Reliability
  • Complete Schedule Control
  • Accessibility to more airfields

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